Trended Data

Trended Data

If you have never heard of the term “trended data” before, then you need to pay close attention to this article. This somewhat recent addition (relatively speaking) to your credit reports could have a noteworthy influence over your credit scores and, by extension, your ability to qualify for loans and credit cards in the future. […]

Why Current Creditors Check Your Credit

Why Current Creditors Check Your Credit The accounts on your credit reports for the most part are firmly divided into two categories – installment debt and revolving debt. Yes, there may be some items on your credit reports which fall outside of these two categories such as judgments, tax liens, collection accounts, etc. Still, for […]

3 Ways to Delete Collection Account

Collection accounts are known to take a wrecking ball to credit scores. That is no secret. In fact, even paid collections accounts may continue to damage your credit scores nearly just as severely as unpaid collection accounts, depending upon the brand and generation of credit scoring model which is being used to calculate your credit […]

Introducing VantageScore 4.0

You may not have realized it before now, but the truth is you actually have hundreds of different credit scores. Many of these credit scores are routinely relied upon by lenders to predict risk – specifically the risk of doing business with you. As a result and in order to remain competitive, credit score creators […]

How the Dispute Process Works

How the Dispute Process Works Dealing with credit problems is never much fun, but when your credit problems are the result of errors on your credit reports these problems can take on a whole new level of frustration. This frustration is largely due to the fact that credit problems and low credit scores can make […]

Why Credit Cards Are Safer than Debit Cards

Have you ever gotten into trouble with credit cards in the past? If the answer is yes and once upon a time you overextended yourself by charging up a big pile of credit card debt then you might feel a little gun shy about using credit cards again. It is understandable that using a credit [...]

How Late Can a Payment Be Before It Hurts Your Credit?

When it comes to maintaining a good credit rating paying your bills on time is a must. However, what happens when a simple mistake is made and you forget to send in a payment by the due date? What if a financial emergency arises and you have to wait until the following pay day to take care of a monthly bill? Will your overlooked or postponed payment undo all of your hard work and trash your credit scores?

Credit Cards 101 Part 3: Using Secured Credit Cards to Rebuild Your Credit

Welcome to Part 3 of our powerful series, Credit Cards 101. In parts 1 and 2 of this series you have already learned some important information about how properly managed credit card accounts can be very effective tools to help you build better credit. Of course, while well managed credit card accounts can potentially be great for your credit scores, credit card debt can actually wreak havoc upon your credit scores very quickly. For best results (both financially and from a credit score standpoint) it is important to develop the habit of paying off your credit card balances in full each month.